DarkSky Technologies Team

Gary Daniels
Gary Daniels is a founding member of Dark Sky Technologies, and underpins the company’s LED solutions consulting expertise with his 30-plus years of executive experience and knowledge of business operations. Holding an MBA and the former President and CEO of a billion-dollar national distribution company (Johnstone Supply), Gary brings his extensive business expertise to bear for every client and every project.

He boasts first-hand experience directing major distribution facility and headquarter operations, construction and refurbishment, providing an invaluable consulting resource for DarkSky clients in determining the optimal LED solution for their business. His MBA and CEO background also means Gary can expertly evaluate a project’s ROI potential and maximize the company investment and savings from a lighting conversion project. This tremendous base of business and operational experience provides clients a go-to resource for understanding the process, benefits, value, and long-term capital gains they can expect from their LED investment.
Gary holds an Executive MBA (Business Administration and Management) from the University of Oregon, and a BA from Lewis & Clark College. He is also a passionate advocate for the Special Olympics, serving for the past 15 years on the Oregon chapter Executive Board.

Jim Parshall
Jim Parshall is a founding member of DarkSky Technologies LLC and brings over 30 years of business solutions experience to his consulting services for DarkSky customers. His expertise includes award winning national account management with a wide range of solutions-oriented B-to-B companies, including Associated Business Systems, Pacific Office Automation, IKON Business Solutions and BluZEBRA Technologies.
Jim’s expertise includes ROI-focused strategic planning in determining specific solutions tailored to a company’s unique business requirements and operational needs. He applies this knowledge to ensure DarkSky Technologies provides industry leading LED expertise in determining the optimal lighting solution for every type of facility.
His years of consulting with a variety of businesses allows him to clearly lay out for clients the capital investment advantages of converting to LED’s, as well as identifying and maximizing the substantial rebates and incentives for LED conversions.

Kirk Nelson
Kirk Nelson is a founding member of DarkSky Technologies LLC and a highly experienced business sales and consulting professional with a proven track record of adding revenue, growing profits, reducing costs, and developing long term operational solutions for clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including 20 years as CFO with The Stoller Group of businesses. This experience meshes well with DarkSky Technologies and its core focus on providing expert LED solutions for clients.
Kirk provides technical expertise in developing and managing customer projects, and is highly experienced in strategic business planning, proposal development, simplifying complex technical (LED) concepts and planning, and in building strong long-term business relationships. Kirk’s independent professional consultancy, Profit Coach, helps companies achieve higher profitability levels and achieve optimal balance between finance, operations, and sales.

With experience working for a wide range of companies and industries, Kirk’s background provides him the ability to quickly assess, understand, and apply expertly determined solutions for each customer’s unique lighting challenges and needs. He is a graduate of Oregon State University with a BA in accounting.