Who We Are

The DarkSky Technologies team is a group dedicated professionals passionate about helping companies realize savings, operational benefits, and reduced impact on the planet with advanced LED lighting solutions. DarkSky is a premier national consulting firm and provider of innovative lighting systems that simply work better, more efficiently and with far less energy than any other lighting technology.
We don’t simply sell product. DarkSky’s consultants put their experience and expertise to work for you, developing the perfect LED lighting solution to meet your needs. That means we provide the best products for your facility and custom configurations to maximize their capabilities.
Best of all, we are experts in maximizing rebates and incentives to reduce capital investment costs to a fraction of what you’d expect. Most systems are completely paid for in just a couple years. Your new lights and energy savings? Those will pay off for decades to come.

How We Work

DarkSky’s team of LED lighting experts make it easy. We know that lighting conversions are a major capital decision, so we make sure there are no surprises. We also understand that, when implementing new lighting systems, designers must consider production requirements, equipment, ceiling height, and many other factors to determine the best solutions – every building is unique. Our lighting professionals also evaluate both the quantity and quality of light needed, since both are essential for optimal illumination.
We use our knowledge to design solutions with long term value in mind. DarkSky LED projects optimize product quality and controls for the appropriate lighting output to ensure your system provides the highest possible ROI (Return on Investment) for the life of the facility. We only source the best quality LED fixtures and lamps in the industry. All are certified with LDL, DLC or Energy Saver requirements, and back those up with five or ten-year warranties on their useful life of 50,000-100,000+ hours. Fully assembled here in the United States, one of our primary suppliers’ LED fixtures was recently ranked the #1 LED fixture designer/manufacturer by the Design Lights Consortium for lumens per watt.

How We Dramatically Reduce Project Costs

DarkSky has extensive expertise working with utilities and energy trusts across the country to secure our clients the maximum available incentives and rebates. And they can be significant. Incentives can range from 20 to 75% of the total cost of the project, including installation.
Most DarkSky customers end up paying only a fraction of the total project cost, making it an easy strategic business decision that paves the way for capital investment approvals. Even better, we work hard to find all of the eligible and available incentives for your project, then we handle the entire submission process. We recognized early on that most businesses have neither the knowledge nor the time to take advantage of these programs. We act as your trusted ally to ensure that all the products we recommend are qualified and the submission process is completed correctly and on time, securing the maximum benefits allowed for our clients.

Expertise across the U.S.A.

DarkSky LED lighting expertise is available for consultation and installations nationwide. Our expanding network of sales offices are located in Portland (OR), Los Angeles, Fresno, and Chicago, and DarkSky consultants are happy to come meet with you at your facility anywhere in the country. Whether it’s one facility or a system of multiple buildings and locations, DarkSky has the experience and the capabilities to assess, plan and execute an LED lighting solution that precisely meets your needs, budget and expectations.

Why Your Business Needs DarkSky LED Solutions

LED lighting is rapidly and fundamentally changing how industrial, office and facility lighting impacts operations and the bottom line. LED brightness, reliability, longevity and especially energy efficiency are creating an opportunity for businesses to realize immense short and long-term savings in an area often neglected as being mission-critical to success. Reduced expenses, leading on eco-conscious practices and systems and improving safety and performance?  In all those areas, LEDs are lighting the way.
In this new era, LED lighting systems are incredibly long-lasting (up to 20 times as long as traditional industrial and office lighting) and offer additional energy savings and efficiencies with cutting edge controls, fixtures, and color / intensity options. Effectively installed LED lighting impacts people as well, with studies showing it improves productivity, reduces fatigue and eye-strain, reduces accidents and errors due to low light, and improves production speed, safety and facility and building security.
Modern LED lights deliver crisp, vividly focused and highly dependable light for every type of commercial, business or industrial facility. Curious to learn more about the myriad benefits of LED lighting? Click here.